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Von der Leyen: ‘Gender equality by 2030

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It is sad to know that at the G20 I might be the only woman. We need the best ideas at the political level to give the right opportunities to all women” and “to achieve equality by 2030, we need parental leave payments, to consolidate childcare and elderly care. These are the investments we need to make for a solid and sustainable recovery. With the contribution of the W20 we will be able to lay the basis for representing men and women equally in work and in the family. This was stated by the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen. “It is not true,” von der Leyen continued in a video message on the occasion of the Women20 Summit, “that we have to choose between career and family. I know the obstacles, but we must demand fair access to the world of work and be able to raise our children at the same time”.

Another issue to be emphasised, according to the President of the European Commission, is education. “We need to invest more in education,” she said, “because 11 million children could be forced to drop out of school.   At the G7 I announced that the Commission will increase the funds set aside for education by a third, to 100 million”.

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